How to fill in your tax return

Self-employed persons have to submit the "Tax return for self-employed persons etc.", Income statement 1 (RF-1175) or Income statement 2 (RF-1167). If you have a personal income from sole proprietorship you must also complete the form RF-1224E "Personal income from sole proprietorship". There are two ways to submit the tax return for self-employed persons. You must submit the information electronically.

What form of submission should I choose for my business?

The tax return is pre-completed with information received by the Norwegian Tax Administration from employers, banks, insurance companies etc. If you have taxable income and capital that have not been entered in your tax return in advance, you must enter them so that they are included. You must also check that the pre-entered information is complete and correct. 

If there are no separate items in the pre-completed tax return for amounts that you wish to enter, enter the amounts in the field «Any amounts that have not been pre-entered must be entered here». State the number of the item. Please find a list of the most relevant items below. You will find a complete list of the items at If you cannot find the number of the item, you can write what the amount concerns. Enter new or changed deduction and debt amounts with a minus sign in front, and income and capital amounts without any sign in front. All amounts must be in whole NOK. If you are going to correct a pre-completed amount, income and deduction amounts must be entered in the first correction column and capital and debt amounts in the second one. See also Guidelines for the tax return for foreign employees or

Check that all income and deductions are included.

Deduction guide for sole proprietorship.

Completing the tax return for self-employed persons etc.

Personal income for proprietorship (RF-1224)

Self-employed persons must fill in and submit form Personal income from sole proprietorship (RF-1224E) as an attachment to their tax return. You need to submit your estimated personal income in item 1.6.2 (estimated personal income – other commercial activity) on your tax return.

Important items in the tax return

In addition, you should look over these items:

Information about income, capital and deductions

Deductions you could be entitled to

View and submit the tax return with income statement for self-employed persons

For more information about other forms for self-employed persons, see