Partners in businesses assessed as partnerships

If you are a partner in a business assessed as a partnership (ANS, DA, etc.) you need to pay tax for your share of the profit, any losses and netto capital. Foreign partners are taxed in Norway if they are engaged in business activities through a permanent establishment in Norway through their participation in the partnership. 

The deadline for submission is 31. May.

What is a partnership?

Tax return for businesses assessed as partnerships (SDF)

How to fill in the tax return for businesses assessed as partnerships

Partnerships have to submit: 

In addition, partners in such businesses must submit:

Businesses taxed as partnerships (ANS, KS etc.) are not taxable entities under Norwegian law. The company’s capital and income are taxed with the partners (assessment of partners). 

This applies both to their share of the profit or loss (Taxation Act section 10-41), any special remuneration for work in Norway (Taxation Act section 12-2 letter f) and additional general income to personal partners (Taxation Act section 10-42). Gains on realisation of a holding in a Norwegian partnership can be taxed in Norway when the partner is deemed to have been engaged in business activities in Norway through a permanent establishment.