What form of submission should I choose for my business?

There are two ways to submit the tax return for self-employed persons.  You must submit the information electronically.

Business Tax Return for self-employed persons (sole proprietorships) with simpler tax circumstances

We recommend that you use this form if the service is suitable for your business. That way, you will get guidance troughout and there is no need to attach extra forms. Test-for-yourself: I am self-employed - Can I use Business Tax Return 2015?

Submit the tax return for self-employed persons using the service called Business Tax Return.

If you cannot use the Business Tax Return

Sole proprietorships must submit their tax return with Income statement 1 for corporations and the form Personal income for proprietorship (RF-1224). You must also submit any additional forms which apply to your business. You will find these in Altinn.

Submit the tax return for self-employed persons with income statements and additional forms.