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In the Business Tax Return, the nine most frequently used forms for businesses have been merged into one report.

The following forms are included in the Business Tax Return: 

  • RF-1175 Income statement 1 for corporations
  • RF-1224 Personal income for proprietorship

The following forms are available in Norwegian only if submitted outside of the Business Tax return :

  • RF-1167 "Næringsoppgave 2" (Income statement 2 for corporations)
  • RF-1028 "Selvangivelse for aksjeselskap" (Tax Return for corporations)
  • RF-1052  "Avstemming av egenkapital" (Reconciliation of equity)
  • RF-1084 "Avskrivning" (Depreciation)
  • RF-1125 "Bruk av bil" (Use of car)
  • RF-1217  "Forskjeller mellom regnskapsmessige og skattemessige verdier" (Specification of differences between value assessments according to accounting principles and tax liability)
  • RF-1219 "Gevinst- og tapskonto" (Profit and loss account)

If you usually only use these forms, you will normally be able to use the Business Tax Return. Many people who are newly self-employed can also use the service.

Businesses with commercial property or salary and pension expenses

Sole proprietorships which have commercial property can use the Business Tax Return, but must submit form RF-1098 "Formue av næringseiendom" (Capital value of commercial property - available in Norwegian only) with the tax return for self-employed persons. Businesses which have Salary and pension expenses and which must submit RF-1022 "Salary and pension cost" must attach this form to the Business Tax Return.

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