How do I solve problems associated with submitting the Business Tax Return due to lack of contact with Altinn?

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Some users get an error message when completing or submitting the Business Tax Return. 

The error message is as follows:

"We were unable to establish contact with Altinn.

Click Check Altinn to try again.

If you see this message several times, you can:

  • Submit using a different browser, PC, mobile or tablet
  • Go to and check that you are logged in
  • Check the privacy settings for your browser to make sure that it allows third party cookies
  • Contact the Norwegian Tax Administration on telephone +47 800 80 000.

You can continue completing the return, but your browser must establish contact with Altinn’s systems in order to for you to be able to submit it.”

If you have a different browser on your computer, it will usually be easier to do the actual submission again in this browser. You can also try using a different computer, smartphone or tablet. If you wish to attempt to rectify the problem yourself, try the procedure below.

How to change the settings in your browser so that it will accept cookies from third parties

We recommend that you alter the settings in your browser to accept cookies for the Business Tax Return page.

How to do this

Chrome, Norwegian version

See under the procedure “Tillat eller ikke tillat informasjonskapsler”

Chrome, English version

See under the procedure “Allow or don’t allow cookies”

Internet Explorer, Norwegian version

Internet Explorer, English version

Firefox, Norwegian version

Firefox, English version

Always access the Business Tax Return via the Norwegian Tax Administration or Altinn

Some users receive the error message when attempting to submit via direct links (e.g. saved in Favorites) to Business Tax Return. We recommend that you access the Business Tax Return directly via or

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