How to claim a deduction for work-related travel by private car

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If the vehicle does not meet the conditions for being considered a company car, you will not be able to claim a deduction for your actual vehicle expenses. Instead, you can claim a deduction by multiplying the distance travelled on work-related business during the year by the standard rate. If you have not kept a logbook, you should estimate the distance.

You cannot normally calculate a deduction for more than 6,000km according to the standard rate, but you can make an exception if the distance occasionally exceeds 6,000km during a particular year if the distance during the previous year was shorter and you expect the distance to be shorter again in subsequent years.

If you submit RF-1175 Income statement 1, you should enter a deduction for work-related travel by private car under item 7080 in the profit and loss account. Even if you calculate the income deduction at the standard rate, you will have to post the expense in your accounts. You post the same figure

  • debit on the expense account which you transfer to the profit and loss account, and 
  • credit on the account for equity corrections which you then enter under item 2057 in RF-1175. 

Towards the end of each income year, the Directorate of Taxes determines the standard rate which you should use to calculate the income deduction. For 2016, the standard rate is NOK 3,80/km.

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