Business travel of less than 6000km

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If you use your own car for business travel but you do not travel more than 6000km on business per calendar year, you may be entitled to a deduction according to the relevant rate. The rate for the 2016 income year is NOK 3.80 per kilometre.

If you wish to claim a rate-based deduction, enter the amount under items 7080 and 2057 in income statement 1 (RF-1175) or the Business Tax Return.

Do you have several vehicles?
The use of several vehicles owned by a taxpayer also gives entitlement to deductions at the relevant rate.
The distance travelled by each vehicle must not exceed 6000km.

You must document the business travel by keeping a logbook stating the date, route (from-to), why you were travelling and the number of kilometres per journey.

How to claim a deduction for business travel by private car.

If you travel more than 6000km on business in your own car, you must include the vehicle in your accounts.


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