Start-up costs

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From the first year in which you are treated as a business with taxable enterprise, all costs linked to your activity will be deductible. All your income from the enterprise will be taxable.

During the year you are assessed as a business, you can have up to the previous five years approved as start-up years for your business. You can claim a deduction for costs you incurred during those start-up years. Use form RF-1298 Oppstart av virksomhet (Starting a business - in Norwegian only). This form is included in the Business Tax Return. You will find more information on start-up periods and the development of a hobby into a commercial enterprise with examples under ‘Hobby or business’.

Costs you have incurred in generating taxable income will generally give entitlement to a deduction. Read about how to depreciate purchases costing less than NOK 15,000 or more than NOK 15,000.

You must be able to document all costs for which you are claiming a deduction.

Major initial purchases

Initial purchases of tangible fixed assets such as fixtures and fittings, tools, etc. will be considered to constitute the purchase of a major fixed asset if the total input value is NOK 15,000 or more, even if the input value of each individual object is less than NOK 15,000 (the stock perspective). Find out more about major initial purchases of fixed assets in the Tax ABC.

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