View and submit with Income Statement 1

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All businesses must submit their tax return. You must submit your tax return electronically by 31 May. It is no longer possible to submit your tax return on paper. 

When you log in, please change to English language in top menu.

As a self-employed person, you will normally submit an income statement and a personal income form or a Business tax return as an attachment to your tax return. 

If you are subject to a bookkeeping obligation, you must submit Income statement 1 and a personal income form,

or The Business Tax Return

The Business Tax Return is a new and simpler electronic form of submission for businesses with simple tax circumstances. If the service is suitable for your business, we recommend that you use it.The service is availabe in english.

If you are required to prepare accounts, you must submit Income statement 2.

If you are a partner in a business assessed as a partnership etc., you do not need to submit an income statement or personal income form if it is your only business. Instead you submit a Deltakerens melding over egen formue og inntekt i selskap med deltakerfastsetting (RF-1221) (in Norwegian only).

Have you received a tax return for self-employed persons even though you did not trade during 2016?

You still must submit the tax return for self-employed persons with a blank income statement 1 (RF-1175). There is no need to complete the income statement in this case. The submission exemption arrangement (for employees and pensioners) does not apply to self-employed persons.

More help is at hand once you log in to Altinn to complete your tax return.