About parental responsibility

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Parental responsibility is the obligation and right parents have to decide in personal matters for the child. The person/persons with parental responsibility are also the child's guardian.

The person/persons with parental responsibility can, until the child is 18 years old:

The parent who does not have parental responsibility can send a written justified request to the tax office to receive certificates and/or information about the child.

Change parental responsibility?

You can change parental responsibility by submitting a signed cohabitation agreement or an agreement on joint parental responsibility to:

Postboks 200 Sentrum
9615 Hammerfest

An agreement on parental responsibility is only valid and registrable when both parents have signed the agreement and it is delivered in its orginial form.

Attached to the agreement must be a copy of both parents' passports, driver's license or other ID document containing name, date of birth, signature and photo.

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