Birth certificates

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Birth certificates contain information about a person's name, date of birth, personal ID number, gender, place of birth and possibly the names of the person's parents. Important - when ordering certificates for example for children.

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As regards newborn babies, the Tax Administration will automatically send the birth certificate to the parents after the child's name has been registered.

Who is entitled to obtain a birth certificate?

  • Anyone who was born in Norway or who is or has been registered in the National Registry as resident in Norway since 2 December 1946.
  • Anyone born in Norway after 31 December 1982 (registered in the National Registry)
  • Anyone adopted in Norway
  • Anyone adopted abroad after 1 July 1981 (subject to certain conditions)

Copies of birth certificates will only be issued at the request of:

  • the person that the certificate concerns
  • the spouse/registered partner (must be able to document a genuine need for the certificate)
  • a close relative (must be able to document a genuine need for the certificate)
  • public authority
  • guardian or assistant guardian

Who can order a birth certificate?

  • Birth certificates may be ordered by the person who the certificate concerns.
  • Spouses can order birth certificates for each other in the event of a genuine need.

You can also order birth certificates for:

  • your children (under 18) if you have a share in parental responsibility
  • anyone for whom you have been appointed guardian (if you are an assistant guardian, see under assistant guardian)
  • a client for whom you are acting as counsel as a solicitor/lawyer

The certificate will then be sent to your address according to the National Registry. This will normally take three days.In addition, postal service.

NB! We do not send certificates by email.

Are you ordering a passpost to a child under 18?

You do not need a birth certificate to order a passpost. See the police websites for more information.

Shall the certificate be used in another country?

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