Disclosure of information to financial enterprises

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In connection with the entry into force of the law, certain changes have been made to the Act on Financial Undertakings and Financial Groups. Under Section 16-2 new fifth paragraph, financial undertakings can now obtain information concerning spouses, children and parents without hindrance from any statutory confidentiality obligation, in addition to the information which is not subject to any confidentiality obligation under Section 9-1 second paragraph of the National Registry Act. It is a condition that the undertaking holds a concession under Section 3-2 of the Act on Financial Undertakings and Financial Groups.

If the relevant conditions are met, this means that financial undertakings will be given access to the following information:

  • Full name, including history
  • Norwegian national ID and D number
  • Basis for registered identity
  • Address (not confidential or classified addresses under the Document Protection Instructions), including history
  • Place of birth
  • Citizenship
  • Marital status (all types)
  • Guardian
  • Confirmed future power of attorney
  • Date of death
  • Parents
  • Spouse
  • children
  • Registration status (resident, emigrated, deceased, ceased and inactive D number)

In addition, financial undertakings under Section 10-1 first paragraph of the National Registry Act will also be permitted to perform look-ups based on national ID numbers/D numbers and name lists of individuals who are not adequately identified (known as ‘multihits’).

To the National Registry Act and Regulation

How do I apply for disclosure of information?

You can download, fill in and submit the application form to apply for access to information from the National Registry under the new National Registry Act.

Applications must be sent in writing by letter post to:

Skattedirektoratet, Rettsavdelingen
Postboks 9200 Grønland

0134 Oslo.  

Applications for individual items of information

Apply via our contact form where you believe the person you want information on resides. You can obtain three or four items of information per week free of charge.

If you have a long list of information which you wish to obtain, you must pay a fee for it.

If your enquiry concerns more than four people, you should send it to:

Skatt nord, Hammerfest
Postboks 6310

9293 Tromsø.

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