Two foreign citizens intending to marry in Norway

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If you wish to get married in Norway but do not have a permanent residence permit here, you must submit documentation to the Tax Administration.

You will need the following documentation:

  • Separate personal declarations
  • Statement by the sponsor – must be completed by one person on each side (best man and maid of honor)
  • Declaration concerning division – if either of you have been married before. In the case of people who are divorced according to foreign law, the divorce must be recognised by the county governor. The application form for this can be downloaded from The requirement for recognition will not apply if the divorce was carried out in another Nordic country, provided that both spouses were resident and had citizenship of a Nordic country at the time of the divorce.
  • Documentation of name and age, for example passport and birth certificate The documentation must consist of the original documents or copies certified by a Norwegian public authority.
  • A certificate from the home country, or alternatively the most recent country of residence, showing that there is no impediment to you entering into marriage in Norway. The certificate must be no more than four months old. Translation may be needed if the certificate is not in english, danish or swedish. The certificate must be the original.
  • Citizens from countries outside the Nordic region must submit documentation(only in Norwegian) showing that they are legally resident in Norway.(only in Norwegian) The documentation must consist of original documents or copies certified by a Norwegian public authority.

Documentation from a country outside the Nordic region must be legalised or endorsed with an apostille by the authorities in the country in which it was issued.

Where should I send the documents?

Bridal couples who are staying in Norway as tourists for less than three months or who emigrated before 30 September 1964 or who have never been resident in Norway must send their application to:

Skatt nord
Postboks 6310
9293 Tromsø

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