Bigamy, marriage to minors and marriage by proxy are not permitted.

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Bigamy is a punishable offence under Norwegian law. The same applies to marriage with anyone under 16 years of age or aiding and abetting such marriage. Marriages where both parties are not physically present during the wedding ceremony are also not permitted.

A marriage will also not be recognised if the marriage is obviously incompatible with the Norwegian legal system.

All this will also apply if the marriage has been entered into abroad and one or both parties have an affiliation to Norway.

Rare exceptions only

At the request of both parties, the marriage may still be recognised if there are compelling reasons for recognising the marriage. This is a restrictive exemption provision which is practised very strictly. It is therefore rare for such a marriage to provide a basis for a family reunion.

Applications for recognition must be sent to the Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs, who will also provide guidance on the matter.

For more information, see the government's brochure on rules for marriage in Norway.

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