Residence cards will be accepted as identity documents for certain groups of immigrants

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If you need to declare that you are moving to Norway, you can prove your identity using the Schengen-standardised residence card issued by the Norwegian authorities if you belong to one of the following groups:

  • You have been granted a residence permit for reasons of protection, on humanitarian grounds or human trafficking concerns. If you have a travel document for refugees or a Norwegian immigrant passport issued by the Norwegian authorities, you can also use this to prove your identity. You should also note that it is the Directorate of Immigration that submits notification of immigration for single minors and resettlement refugees. 
  • You have been granted a residence permit by the immigration authorities, but you have not been issued with a passport by the authorities in your home country or the identity documents from your home country are not accepted by the Norwegian authorities.

Child under 18 who are relocating alone

If a child under the age of 18 moves to Norway alone in order to live with their mother, father or other family member, documentation should be presented which shows that the child intends to live in Norway for at least six months. This could for example be confirmation from a nursery, school or health centre.

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