Reporting errors in the National Registry

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The National Registry is Norway's largest and most important register of personal information. The information in the register is used by third parties to carry out functions and services. It is essential for registered citizens and society as a whole that the National Registry has correct information.

If any errors is discovered, this should be reported to Skatteetaten to investigate and if appropriate make changes in the National Registry information.

Obligation for public authorities and enterprises to report

A new National Registry Act entered into force on 1 October 2017. Public authorities and enterprises are obliged to notify the National Registry when the information they hold does not correspond with what is held in the National Registry

Other public bodies often obtain information concerning changes of address or other information which has changed without the National Registry being notified, or at least not being notified until long after the change has taken effect.The purpose of the new rule is therefore to help ensure that the public sector administration helps the National Registry to remain as up to date and accurate as possible.

All information which is submitted will be checked before the National Registry is updated where appropriate. The party submitting the notification will not be informed of the outcome of the matter, but can check for themselves by searching the National Registry.

The notification must be sent by letter

Until an electronic service for submitting non-conformant information is made available, please send notification by letter to the following address:

Skatt Øst Grålum 
Melding om avvikende opplysninger 
Postboks 1073, Valaskjold 
1705 Sarpsborg

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