How to change the tax return

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You must log in to change or add items.

How to find your tax return:

  1. Log in. Here is a guide for how to log in.
  2. When you get into Altinn, you will arrive in "My message box". Here you will find the pre-filled tax return, RF 1030.

How to change items

  1. If you know the item number in the tax return, you can go directly to the item you want to change. See Find item for an overview of the items.
  2. When you have found the item, click "Change". Then a new window will appear with the item.
  3. Click "Change" again.
  4. After you have made the change, click "OK" and then "Save/Back to overview".

See example of how to change an item in the tax return.

How to add new items

  1. Search for the item number in the search field "Go directly to item". If you are unsure of the correct item number to use, you can search in Find item.
  2. Use the dropdown list to find the correct item. Click "Add" and a new window will appear.
  3. For some items it is necessary to provide more detailed information in specific forms. The forms will become available when you add an item that requires the form, and they are automatically submitted with your tax return.
  4. After that you have entered the item you click "OK" and then "Save / Back to overview".

How to change your tax return on paper

If you cannot submit your tax return electronically, you will not receive your tax settlement notice until August at the earliest.

  • If you believe that any pre-completed amounts are wrong, you should correct them by putting a line through the amount and entering the correct amount in the column called "rettet til" (corrected to). 
  • You must enter deductions, income, capital and debts which have not been pre-completed yourself under the item called “Any amounts that have not been pre-completed must be entered here”. You must then state which item the amount belongs to. 
  • Deduction and debt amounts must be entered with a minus sign, while income and capital items must be entered without a sign.

The postal address for submitting tax returns on paper is:

PB 4305
N-8608 Mo i Rana


The submission deadline for your electronic tax return was 30 April, but you can still change and submit the tax return if you applied for extended deadline, if you have received new information or discovered that something was missing or faulty.

It is the last tax return you submit that is registered.

Do you need assistance?

We can help you with questions regarding your tax return, but we are only guiding in Norwegian on our chat.

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How to change an item in your tax return
How to add an item in your tax return

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