How to log in

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There are several ways to log in and change the tax return.

The following login options give you online access to your tax return:

  1. ID port / MinID
    If you have registered as a user of ID-porten/MinID and entered your mobile number and email address, you will receive single-use codes immediately by SMS. The first time you must have the following in order to register:
    - National ID Number/D-number
    - Mobile phone number and/or e-mail
    - PIN codes (if you need PIN codes, you can order them here)
  2. BankID
  3. Buypass
  4. Commifides
  5. BankID on mobile


The option "Proceed to alternative log-in methods" sends you to Altinn's own login page.

It contains the following login methods:

  • IDporten/MinID
  • Single-use codes from Altinn
  • Password you have chosen yourself
  • Business certificate

Check and change the tax return

You can either open a PDF-file of your tax return and check if the information is correct, or open tax return so that you can make changes.

If you want to see the PDF, choose "Tax return for wage earners and pensioners etc 2015".


If you want to change and then submit the return, click on the box "Change and submit the tax return" in the previous image. Read more about changing the tax return.


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