How to add an item in the tax return for wealth and income tax

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Do you for example want to add a deduction for travel between your home and your work?

  1. First, click the "Submit tax return" icon.
  2. Find the item concerned; in this case, it is “Deductions from income from employment, etc.”, but the same procedure applies to all items you want to add. Click “Change”.
  3. To add an item, you must first select the sub-category. In this case: “Deduction for travel to/from work – travel between the home and permanent workplace.” Click “Add”.
  4. Fill in the number of travel days - a full-time job corresponds to 230 days per year. If you work part-time, reduce the number of journeys accordingly.
  5. Fill in the number of kilometres you travel per day for a return journey. Regardless of how you actually travel: enter the shortest distance along roads or by train and tram. Not as the crow flies.
  6. Select the reason for the change.
  7. And click "OK".
  8. You have now created a new item and can return to the overview by clicking “Save”. You can submit the tax return if you do not wish to add or change any more items.

That's all there is to it! Not too difficult, was it?

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