How to change an item in the tax return

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For example, do you wish to split the interest on debt between you and your spouse or spouse-equivalent cohabitant?

  1. First, click the "Submit tax return" icon.
  2. Then select the item you want to change and click "Change". In this case, this is "Interest, debt, capital expenses and deductions"; however, the same procedure will apply to all the items you wish to change.
  3. If you have several loans, select the loan you want to split, and then click "Change" for the interest and debt.
  4. Deduct the amount to be transferred to a spouse or spouse-equivalent. Naturally, the person concerned must increase the item by a corresponding amount in their own tax return.
  5. Under "Reason for the change", select "Transferred to/from spouse/spouse-equivalent".
  6. Then, click "OK".
  7. You must now click "Save" to return to the overview.
  8. Are you married and have no further changes? Congratulations, you may now submit your tax return. (9) We will need more information if you are not married, but are a spouse-equivalent instead. Click "Change" for the item "Personal circumstances"
  9. Fill in the date of birth/national ID number of your spouse-equivalent.
  10. Then select "Yes" in response to the question "Joint capital/debt with spouse-equivalent cohabitant?"
  11. Then click on "Save" to return to the overview.

Everything should then be complete!

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