Which deductions will be pre-completed?

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Some deductions will be pre-completed in your tax return, while others you will have to fill in yourself. It is in any case important that you check that the deductions which have been pre-completed are correct.

Deductions Will be pre-completed You must enter it yourself
Interest on debt x  
Commuter (expenses for board and lodging)   x
Travel to/from work   x
Sickness expenses   x
Young people's housing savings accounts (BSU) x  
Disability* x x
Donations to organisations x  
Minimum standard deduction x  
Parental allowance (childcare) x  
Deduction for trade union fees** x  
Expenses for taxable rental of real property(RF-1189)   x
Maintenance payments to former spouse***   x
Uncovered deficit from previous years x  
Deduction for leasehold land   x
Expenses for PhD   x
Finnmark allowance****    
Fisherman's and seafarer's allowance    x
Standard deduction for foreign workers   x

* Whether or not the deduction is pre-completed will depend on whether your receive disability pension from the National Insurance scheme or others.

**Your employer should report trade union fees that are deducted from your salary. The deduction for trade union fees paid directly to the trade union is pre-completed if the trade union has reported it (voluntary).

*** Whether or not the deduction is pre-completed will depend on whether you have paid the contribution via NAV.

**** The deduction is granted automatically in connection with the tax assessment, based on the tax location, and should not be entered in the tax return.

Why haven't I got a preliminary tax calculation on my tax return?

There could be a number of reasons why you haven't received a preliminary tax calculation on your tax return.

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