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How to alter your account number for credit payments

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If you want to receive the payment to a different bank account than the account number you provided in your last tax return for wealth- and income tax, you can change it electronically by 15 May.  

If you submit your tax return on paper, you cannot change the account electronically. You need to contact the Tax Collector in your municipality.

If the deadline for changing your account number electronically has passed or if the account number you wish to use is not registered, you can call the tax collector in your municipality.

The tax collector can normally change the account number up until one week before date of your tax settlement.

Change an account number electronically

The deadline for changing an account number electronically is 15 May.

Payment into approved accounts only

The tax collector cannot deposit an amount in a bank account which has not been approved in advance. Tax can generally only be refunded through payment into an account which the person concerned actually holds. This ensures that the money is paid to the rightperson. Some accounts are not suitable for the payment of tax refunds. These include loan accounts, credit card accounts and blocked accounts.

Payment cards

If the Tax Administration does not have any bank information for you or you do not have a suitable account, you will be sent a payment card. You can cash this at a post office and in most banks. If you do not wish to receive a payment card for next year and the reason why you have been sent a payment card isthat you have an account type which is not approved for the payment of tax refunds, you must contact your bank and open a new account which can be used.

Payment into accounts which are no longer used

If you have closed your account and not changed the account by the relevant deadline, the tax collector will attempt to make a payment into the closed account. The tax collector will then be informed that the account cannot be used and will pay the amount again to a different account which is registered for you or send you a payment slip. This could delay the payment.

Spouses with a joint account

Many spouses have a joint account. However, the bank will only register one of the spouses as the account-holder. The spouse who is only entitled to use the account can generally not be refunded their tax via this account. However, the tax collector can still pay money into such an account at the request of the taxpayer provided the request is adequately documented.

The tax collector can change the account for payment if a written and signed request has been received from the taxpayer and the taxpayer has presented identification (through a witnessed copy of written identification or through attendance in person). The taxpayer must also be the account-holder or be entitled to use the account and must be able to document their entitlements.

International payments

If the Norwegian Tax Administration does not have any bank details for you and you are registered with a foreign address, you may receive a letter from the Administration asking you to provide details of a bank account or to confirm that you live at the registered foreign address. It is important that you read and reply to the letter. The Norwegian Tax Administration does not send payment cards to foreign addresses unless you have confirmed that you live at the address. Please contact your tax collector if you have any questions concerning this.

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