Tax return for income and wealth tax - step by step

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Check the information

When you receive your tax return from us, you must:

  • Check that what you have received in salary and paid in tax are correct. You do this by comparing the totals in your annual statement, or certificate of pay and tax deducted, you receive from your employer with the figures shown in your tax return.
  • Check that what you received in pension or disability benefit is correct. You will receive the summary from NAV or anyone else you receive a pension or benefits from.
  • Check that the debt and capital amounts that are shown are correct. We get these figures from the companies or organisations you have debt or capital with.

Log in to Altinn to check your information (you must be a registered user to do this). 

How to change to english version of Altinn.

If all the information is correct and you do not need to make any changes, you do not need to do anything.

If you need to make any changes, the deadline for making them and submitting the tax return is 30 April. You make the necessary changes in Altinn.

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