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The submission deadline for your electronic tax return was 30 April, but you can still change and submit the tax return if you applied for extended deadline, if you have received new information or discovered that something was missing or faulty.

The deadline for submitting your tax return was April 30.

Have you received the tax report for self-employed persons without having done any business in 2016? You still have to submit the tax report for self-employed persons with income statement 1 (RF-1175) without filling in the income statement.

Change the account number

You will get your money back faster if we have the correct bank account number. You can check and change your bank account number between April 4 and May 15. Read more about changing bank account number.

When do I get my tax assessment?

When we have processed your tax return, you will learn exactly how much you must pay or get back. This is what we call the tax assessment.

On the second to last page of the tax return, you can see a preliminary calculation of overpaid tax (what we owe you) or back tax which you have to pay us.

We will alert you by SMS/e-mail when the tax assessment is ready. The first group of tax assessment will be ready on June 22. Then tax assessment will be ongoing until October 25.

If you are an employee or a pensioner and you submit your tax return on paper, you will get the tax assessment in August at the earliest.

All businesses must submit the tax return electronically.


When you receive your tax return, it is important to check that everything is correct. Here is some guidance:

If you are an employee or a pensioner and plan to submitting the tax return on paper, send it to:


PB 4305
8608 Mo i Rana

Do you need assistance?

We can help you with questions regarding your tax return, but we are only guiding in Norwegian on our chat.

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