1.5.5 Additional information for foreign employees and self-employed persons

Item 1.5.5 Applies to the tax year 2016

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Under this item, you must provide additional information about yourself and your stay in Norway.

Does this item concern me?

This item concerns everyone who is a foreign employee and/or foreign self-employed person.

How do I enter this in my tax return?

When you submit the tax return and select "Yes" under item 1.5.5, you must fill in the following information:

  • A Personal data. Provide information about your family.
  • B Provider circumstances/dependants. If you are claiming tax class 2, you do not need to attach documentation of your spouse's income with the tax return. 
  • C Stays in Norway. State the number of days you have stayed in Norway and/or on the Norwegian continental shelf.
  • D Accommodation in Norway. State your form of accommodation during your stay in Norway.
    esidential circumstances in Norway
  • E Pay and remuneration received. Provide information about what remuneration you have received. If your employer has paid National Insurance contributions or premiums for you in your home country, the whole amount must be added to your income in item 2.1.1. If you have income from work in Norway or on the Norwegian continental shelf that you believe is not liable for tax in Norway, you must enter the amount in NOK here.
  • F Obligation to pay National Insurance contributions. For more information om National insurance obligations, see nav.no
  • Bank account for the payment of credit amounts

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Documentation requirements

You do not need to send us any documentation for this, but you must be able to present documentation if we ask for it.

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