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How to add received pay

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If you have received salary, pay or other benefits which is not included in the tax return, you enter it under item 2.1.1.

Login in to Altinn and open your tax return. See how to log in.


1. Click change on item 2.1


2. Click the arrow in order to see a list of the items.

3. Choose item 2.1.1 Pay and payments in kind etc.

4. Click add.

5. Click on the arrow to see a list of codes for Certificate of pay and tax deducted.

6. Choose the correct code for Certificate of pay and tax deducted.

7. Fill in the name of the employer, the amount and the reason for the change.


8. Check that the changes are included.

9. Click Save.


10. The changes are shown in the main overview. You can change more items or Start submissions.

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