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How to add interest income and money others have borrowed from you

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If you have borrowed money to someone and they paid interest to you, enter the information under the item 3.1.2. The person who owes you money and pays interests enter information about the payments under item 3.3.1.

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1. Click Change.

 Bilde 1

2. Click the arrow in order to see a list of the items.

 Bilde 2


3. Choose item 3.1.2./4.1.6 Interest and debt

 Bilde 3


4. Click Add to open the item.

 Bilde 4


5. Fill in Name of Lender. Interest on debt. Debt. Reason for change - select from dropdown.

 Bilde 5


6. Check that the changes are included. 

7. Click Save/Back to the list.

 Bilde 6

8. The changes are shown in the main overwiew. You can now either submit the tax return or change another item.

Bilde 8

9. The lender must also change the tax return. Click Change.

 bilde 9

10. Click the arrow to select item

11. Select the right item

bilde 10 og 11

12. Click Add

 Bilde 12


13. Fill in Debitors name, Capital and Interest income. Click OK

 Bilde 13



14. Check wether the changes are shown

15. Click Save/Back to the list

 Bilde 14 og 15


16. The changes are shown in the main overview. You may change more items or Start submission.

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