How to change the child care deduction

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If you for example drive a detour to collect and deliver to child day care or school, you can get a deduction for it.

Login in to Altinn and open your tax return. See how to log in.


1. Click Change.


2. Click the arrow in order to see the items


3. Choose 3.2.10 Child care deduction (day care costs etc.)

3. This box with a warning will appear – click OK to close the box.

The box appears since those who have children who are 12 years old or younger and has special care needs, such as continuous supervision in the childs home, because of a disability, they must be able to document this need with a medical certificate or statement from the child welfare service. The certificate(s) and documentation are only to be submitted on request. You do not need to state a reason for the change in item 5.0.

4. Click Add


5. Enter the number of children

6. Fill in who you have paid and the amount paid. If you have detour to work in order to drive the children to child care, you can registerer the extra distance as shown (merkjøring).


7. If you receive child-minding benefits from Nav, you enter the amount here

8. Click Ok


9. Check that the changes appear in the list of interest/debt

10. Click save/Back to the list


11. The changes are shown in the main window. You can now change more items or submit the tax return.
Remember that your cohabitant/spouse must make the same change, if you share the expenses. The maximum number of children is for conhabitants/spouses combined.

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