How to add extra expenses related to work-related stays away from the home

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If you stay away from home overnight because of work, you may be entitled to a deduction for your extra expenses for food (subsistence) and accommodation (lodging). You enter the deductions under item 3.2.7.

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1. Click Change on Post 3.2 Deductions from income from employment etc..


2. Click the arrow to see the drop down menu to see the fields.


3. Choose item 3.2.7 Extra expenses for periods of work entailing stays away from home


4. You get this warning because you must be able to document all expenses, but only submit the documentation if we ask for it. Click Ok. 


5. Click Add.


6. Fill in the amount for deduction. You can use the Commuter Wizard to see what you can claim deductions for and what rates apply to your situation.

7. Click Ok.

Repeat step 3-5 for costs related to accomodation.


8. Fill in the amount you have extra for accomodation. Remeber that payments over 10,000 NOK needs to be paid through a bank to be deductable, and that the amount have to be documentable upon request.

9. Click OK

10. Any deductions for expenses for travelling can be added in post 3.2.8/3.2.9.

Click change

11. Scroll down to post 3.2.9, fill in the number of trips and km (to/from). This will be in addition to travels between home and work, that can be filled in in post 2.3.8.

12. Select a code for cause

13. Click OK

14. Check that the changes are shown in the overview over deductions related to earned income.

15. Click save/Back to the overview

16. The change appears in the main section. you can now change more posts or send in the tax return by clicking "start submission"

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