How to change the standard deduction under item 3.3.7 for temporary stay in Norway

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The standard deduction for foreign employees is a deduction you can choose instead of certain other deductions you are entitled to. The deduction is 10 percent of gross income, and a maximum of NOK 40 000.

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0. You must remember what your gross income is before you change item 3.3/4.8/4.8 and click change.

1. Click Change on item 3.3./4.8


2. Click the arrow to see the drop down menu.

3. Choose item 3.3.7 Ten per cent standard deduction for temporary stay in Norway.

4. Click Add.

5. The standard deduction is calculated based on the gross pay in item 2.1.1. In this example, it is NOK 300 000 x 10% = NOK 30 000.

Remember that the maximum deduction is NOK 40 000, and that you can only claim the deduction the first two years you are a resident in Norway.

Those with a temporary residency and a limited tax liability to Norway, can claim the standard deduction each year. Click OK

6. Check that the changes are included.



7. Click Save/Back to the list.

8. Check that the changes are included. You can now change further items or submit the tax return.

If you have been working in Norway for only parts of the year, you must also change item 1.2 - under item 1.3/1.5 Information about personal circumstances etc.

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