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How to change the tax value of a car electronically in your tax return

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If you have a car for which no tax value has been entered under item 4.2.5 in your tax return, you must declare it. This overview shows the amount you must enter as the list price as new in your tax return. Here, we show you how to change the tax value of a car electronically.

You must first log in to Altinn and open your tax return for editing/submission. See how to change language.


1. Click on item "4.2 Home contents/movable property, cars, MC, boat, etc." in the main overview.


2. Select "Endre" (Edit) to add a tax value. A new window will open.


3. Choose post 4.25. Click "Add"

5. Enter the "List price as new" which you found in the overview which concerns your car. The capital value will change automatically according to what you enter as the list price.

6. Click "OK".


7. Check that the information is correct

8. Click "<< Save/Go back to the Overview".

9. The change will be shown in the main overview. You can now change more items or submit your tax return.

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