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Vehicles such as motorhomes, motorcycles, mopeds and snowmobiles are valued on the basis of the vehicle's list price as new by the main importer/dealer.

Your vehicles are usually listed in the tax return under item 4.2.5. You must check that the information is correct.

How to do it:


  1. Contact the main importer/dealer to get the list price of your vehicle (motorcycle, moped, snowmobile, etc.)if you do not know it.
  2. Calculate the value based on the first year of registration and percentage of list price as new.
First year of registration Value of list price as new
2016 75 %
2015 65 %
2014 55 %
2013 45 %
2012 40 %
2011 30 %
2010 20 %
2001-2009 15 %
1987-2000 1000 kroner

Classic vehicles, i.e. vehicles that are 30 years old or more, are valued at their presumed sales value.


3. If information is missing or wrong, you change it under item 4.2.5.

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