I have a disabled child. Can I claim the special allowance for added expenses which I incur as a result of this and what expenses can I claim an allowance for?

If you provide for a disabled child, you can claim a special allowance for added supervision expenses which are due to the child's sickness or permanent debility. In such cases, you will receive an allowance from the first krone for documented added expenses which are attributable to the child's health. The requirement for a minimum expense and allowance level of NOK 9,180 does not apply to expenses for the supervision of a sick child.

If you also incur other expenses which are due to your own sickness or that of a person you provide for, all the expenses must be included. This means that you may be entitled to a special allowance for other sickness expenses below the minimum limit if these expenses, combined with your expenses for the supervision of one or more children, amount to at least NOK 9,180. The term "supervision expenses" means the same expense types that are covered by the parental allowance (minding and care of children at home), but the special allowance is only given for added supervision expenses that are attributable to the child's medical condition. You will therefore not receive an allowance for supervision expenses that are covered through the parental allowance. You must be able to document the need for supervision and your expenses when asked to do so.