Noen temasider og kalkulatorer for hjelp med skattemeldingen (selvangivelsen) viser regelverk og satser for 2016. Innholdet vil være oppdatert med 2017-satser og regelverk før skattemeldingen for 2017 åpner i april.

How to complete the items in your tax return

Completing the items in the pre-filled tax return RF-1030 or  "Tax return for persons who have not received a pre-completed tax return" (RF-1281).

Applies to persons who received a pre-filled tax return for 2016

Information received by the Norwegian Tax Administration from employers, banks, insurance companies etc. is entered in advance in your tax return.

Check that everything is correct, and that all your income and deductions are included.

If you have taxable income and capital that have not been entered in your tax return in advance, you must enter them so that they are included. You must also check that the pre-entered information is complete and correct.

If you are going to correct a pre-completed amount, income and deduction amounts must be entered in the first correction column and capital and debt amounts in the second one. 

If there are no separate items in the pre-completed tax return for amounts that you wish to enter, enter the amounts in the field "Any amounts that have not been pre-entered must be entered here". State the number of the item. If you cannot find the number of the item, you can write what the amount concerns. Enter new or changed deduction and debt amounts with a minus sign in front, and income and capital amounts without any sign in front. All amounts must be in whole NOK. 

The pre-filled tax return (RF-1030) can be submitted online at or or on paper.

Applies to persons who will not receive a pre-completed tax return.

Persons who do not receive a pre-completed tax return must complete and submit the "Tax return for persons who have not received a pre-completed tax return" (RF-1281). 

Wage earners and pensioners can submit this tax return electronically as an attachment via the online e-mail form or on paper.

Below are guidelines to completing the most relevant items in the tax return.

You will find further information at about the items that are most relevant to you as a foreign employee and staying in Norway temporarily.

Item 1.5.5 Additional information for foreign employees and self-employed persons. Under this item, you must provide additional information about yourself and your stay in Norway. This item concerns everyone who is a foreign employee and/or foreign self-employed person.

In addition you should have a look at these items:

How to enter income, debts and capital

Deductions you may be entitled to

Check, change or submit your tax return