Property tax

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Municipal authorities may decide to introduce property tax, and they can also opt to use values from the Norwegian Tax Administration as a basis for calculating property tax.

In 2017, the Norwegian Tax Administration's residential property values from 2015 are being used. The tax value entered in the tax return represents a certain percentage of the Norwegian Tax Administration's property value (estimated market value). For the 2015 income year, the tax value for primary dwellings will normally be 25 percent of the property’s value, while that for secondary dwellings will normally be 70 percent of the property’s value.

You can use our housing calculator to calculate the tax value of your dwelling for 2015:

Calculate the tax value for 2015

Appealing against property tax

In order to tell you how to appeal against property tax, we will first need to know how the municipality calculated the property tax for your property. 

Find out whether you should appeal to your municipal authority or the Norwegian Tax Administration

Any questions?

If you have any questions concerning assessed property tax, you must contact your municipal authority.


Property tax - In terms of housing associations and limited liability housing companies

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