Noen temasider og kalkulatorer for hjelp med skattemeldingen (selvangivelsen) viser regelverk og satser for 2016. Innholdet vil være oppdatert med 2017-satser og regelverk før skattemeldingen for 2017 åpner i april.

How do I submit an appeal for the 2015 income year?

We recommend that you appeal electronically. Our electronic appeal solution will automatically interpret an appeal for 2015 as an appeal that has been received after the deadline. You must therefore explain what the appeal concerns.  "Appeal against property tax in municipality X" will be sufficient. We will then normally consider the appeal within three months.

You must explain why you are appealing and state what you believe is wrong. If you believe that the primary room area, the year of construction, type of housing and/or the property value is wrong, you must state exactly what you think is wrong. If you appeal against the property value, you must enclose documentation of the market value. Find out more here.