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  • 1 I have only rented out the holiday home

You must declare the income in your tax return

Even if the holiday home is located abroad, you must declare the rental income in Norway.

  • Fill in form RF-1189E Letting etc. of real property.
  • Tick "Yes" under item 1.5.6 for income abroad in the tax return
  • Fill in item 2.8.5 in the tax return. Under this item, you must enter the amount from under the heading "Net income" at the bottom of form RF-1189E. When you submit electronically, the amount under item 2.8.5 will be automatically transferred from form RF-1189E.

You must ensure that this is declared in your tax return every year in which you receive rental income from the holiday home.

Remember that you must also declare the property in the tax return. How you should declare it will depend on whether you have purchased, inherited/taken over or sold the property.

Amend tax deduction card?

If you have not previously updated your tax deduction card with the rental income, you should consider amending your tax deduction card.

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