How to enter BSU

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The tax return

Information on your BSU account, total and annual savings, will be taken into account in your pre-completed tax return. The information will be reported to the Norwegian Tax Administration by the party you entered into the savings agreement with. Your BSU balance will be listed together with any other wealth and interest income in your tax return. However, the actual BSU deduction will be stated in the tax calculation in the tax return, as the BSU deduction is a deduction from assessed tax, not from income.

You will find the information on a separate line under “Provisional calculation of taxes and duties” on the penultimate page of your tax return.

If you cannot find the correct figures or information on your BSU savings is missing, you must notify the party you entered into the agreement with, so that they can report the correct information to the Norwegian Tax Administration. You cannot alter or add information in the tax return yourself.

If you have BSU savings in another EEA State, you will find information here

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