Will 15 percent withholding tax automatically be deducted from my pension/disability benefits?

The party paying the pension/disability benefits shall deduct 15 percent tax if you have not applied for and been issued a tax deduction card with a lower deduction rate or a tax exemption card.

If you are entitled to tax exemption or a lower tax rate, you must apply to The Norwegian Tax Administration for a tax exemption card or a tax deduction card with a lower deduction rate. You must also submit documentation showing that all of or part of your pension should be exempt from taxation in Norway.

Read more in the brochure Withholding tax on pensions and disability.

Tax withholdings will continue until your application has been processed and the one that pays the pension/disability benefits has obtained the new tax deduction card/tax exemption card electronically from the tax authorities. You will receive a tax notice showing the tax rate/tax exemption card. You do not need to submit anything to the one that pays the pension/disability benefits.

If 15 per cent tax is not being deducted from your pension/disability benefit, you must contact The Norwegian Tax Administration and apply for a new tax deduction card.