Everyone who throughout 2016 received

  • a 100 percent old-age pension under the National Insurance Act or 100 percent early retirement pension in public sector


  • has a combined pension income not exceeding NOK 184,880 

can receive a tax deduction of up to NOK 29,880. The deduction is limited to the sum of the income tax and national insurance contributions.

The minimum pension to spouses was less than NOK 184,880 in 2016. If your pension in 2015 was less than NOK 184,880 and you received no other income, the sum of your income tax and national insurance contributions will be less than NOK 29,880. In such cases, you will not have made use of the maximum tax deduction.

Spouses can choose freely which of them should declare capital income, capital expenses and certain other deductions in their tax return. In the tax return, the Tax Administration will have pre-completed these incomes and deductions in the tax return of the spouse they have been reported under. It is not possible to propose a different allocation in the pre-completed tax return. If you wish to make use of the opportunity to transfer such incomes and deductions, you must both correct the pre-completed amounts under these items in your tax returns and submit them.

List of income and deduction items which can be transferred between you.

It may be advantageous for you to transfer capital income or capital expenses if one of you receives an old-age pension and:

  • has such a low pension ("minimum pension") that they cannot make use of their maximum tax deduction for pension income and the other has their own income 


  • you have capital income which has been pre-completed in the tax return of the person with the highest income, or capital incomes which have been pre-completed in the tax return of the person with the low pension. 

NOTE: This means you cannot make use of the submission exemption and you must both submit tax returns. 

Help to find the maximum tax deduction. Is the maximum tax deduction higher than the tax deduction stated in the provisional tax calculation? Click here for more information if you cannot make use of your maximum tax deduction.