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  • Yes, my employer covers more than 200 NOK for food expenses

How to register this in the tax return?

When your employer covers for parts of your food expenses, the maximum deduction is 200 NOK per day.

You must multiply the number of nights you spent at a hotel with 200 NOK, subtracted the amount your employer covers. You add the amount to the other food and accommodation expenses you can claim deduction for, and register the amount in the food and accomodation fields in post 3.2.7.


You spend 200 nights in hotel. Your employer covers your expenses with 300 NOK per day.

  200 days x 200 NOK which is the maximum approved amount = 40 000 NOK
- 200 days x 300 NOK which is what the employer covers = 60 000 NOK
=   - 20 000 NOK.

You have received more than the maximum deduction so you will receive no deduction for food expenses

  Food expenses 0 NOK  
+ Accommodation expenses 79 358 NOK See which deductions you can receive for accommodation
= Total 79 358 NOK  

The total amount, in this case 79 358 NOK, is registered in post 3.2.7 in the tax return.

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Documentation required

You do not need to document expenses when you claim deduction according to the lowest rate, 200 NOK per day.

Actual expenses

If your actual expenses are greater than the rate, you can claim deduction for your actual expenses.

Other deductions you might be entitled to


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