Rules for commuters

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You will be considered a commuter when you have to commute between your home and your accommodation at your place of work because of your job.


Travel - How often does a person have to travel between their place of work and home municipality?

Frequency of travel

How often you travel home may be decisive in determining whether you can be considered a commuter.

Family commuters

If you are a family commuter, there are no specific requirements concerning the frequency of your commuting. However, you must commute sufficiently often for the home to be considered a joint home, taking into account the other circumstances. A person must normally have at least three to four home visits involving overnight stays a year.

Single persons aged 22 or over at the end of the income year

If you come under this category, you will normally be required to travel home at least once every three weeks. If the travel distance is short, you will be required to return home more often. Less frequent home visits may be accepted when special reasons apply, e.g. in the event of illness, shortage of money or studies in the evening.

Single persons aged under 22 at the end of the income year

If you are under 22 years of age and single, there are no minimum requirements for the frequency of home visits, but you must travel as regularly and frequently as is reasonable in the circumstances. If you are in doubt about whether you travel home often enough, contact the tax office/National Registry.


Brit (32) has an apartment in Haugesund and works in Bergen where she rents a dependent apartment. She travels to Haugesund about once a month. This will generally not be enough for her to be considered a commuter. However, the reason why she does not travel home more often is that she goes to evening classes. She therefore has so much to do that she finds the travelling too tiring. Under the rules, attending evening classes may be accepted as a special reason why she can still be considered a commuter.

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