Rules for commuters

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You will be considered a commuter when you have to commute between your home and your accommodation at your place of work because of your job.


Change of address notification must be sent to the National Registry office

Anyone who moves between two municipalities or within a municipality must notify the National Registry office (the tax office) covering the municipality to which they are moving.

Change of address notification due to work

Anyone who moves to another address because of their work must send a change of address notification to the National Registry office covering the municipality in which the property is situated, even if they still have their home in their home municipality.

This will enable an assessment to be made as to where they should be registered as living as a result of the fact that they now have two homes. People who believe they should still be registered in their home municipality must explain why on a separate sheet of paper, which should be enclosed with the change of address notification.


You must document to the National Registry office that the requirements concerning frequency of travel and residential circumstances are met. You must also complete the form "Information on residential circumstances and commuting – single commuters". Enclose confirmation (your tenancy agreement or similar) concerning the type of accommodation you have in your home municipality and the municipalityin which you are working or staying. You can use a vehicle logbook, petrol receipts and tickets to document how often you travel between the two homes.

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