Family commuter or single commuter

Family commuters - spouses and providers

You are regarded as a family commuter if, in your home municipality, you live with:

  • your spouse/registered partner, 
  • your own children or
  • your dependent siblings

Adopted children are considered equivalent to your own children. The same applies to foster children when the foster parents do not receive foster home payments and the relationship otherwise resembles adoption.

Single commuters

You will be considered a single commuter if you are not a family commuter. Cohabitants are treated as single in this context. However, if you also live with your own children, you will be considered a family commuter.


Karen lived in Hamar together with Harald and Harald's son Kristian. In May 2005, she got a job in Oslo and therefore started to commute between Hamar and Oslo. Karen was considered a single commuter because she is neither married to Harald nor the mother of Kristian.A year later, Karen and Harald had a child together. Karen continued commuting between Hamar and her job in Oslo. Because Karen now has a child of her own, she is no longer considered single.