Transport of children to and from day care centre

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If you have to travel further to or from your work because you take children to a day care centre or school for example, the additional travel will not be considered part of your journey between home and work. You may be entitled to a a deduction for this in your parental allowance, item 3.2.10.

Here, we show you how to change the parental allowance electronically. You must first log in to Altinn and open your tax return for income and welfare tax for editing/submission.


1. Click on item "3.2 Deductions from income from employment, etc." in the main overview.

2. Select item "3.10 Parental allowance (Expenses for day care, etc.)" from the drop-down list. 

4. Then click on "Legg til" (Add) which will appear next to the drop-down list. If the item is already shown in your tax return for income and welfare tax, you will find it in the list that is shown above the drop-down list. You can then click on the item (as described in point 8). A new window will open.

5. From the list, select the number of children under 12 years of age you have.

6. Enter the travel using a calculation under the "Betalt til" (Paid to) column. The calculation is performed by multiplying the number of days x number of kilometres for a return trip x NOK 1.50. Enter the amount in the right-hand column under "Innbetalt beløp" (Amount paid).

7. The "Totalt til fradrag" (Total for deduction) field aggregates the deductions you entered in point 4. There is an upper limit for the deduction you can receive, depending on the number of children. If your expenses exceed the limit, this field is automatically set to the upper limit.

8. Select the reason for the change.

9. Click "OK".


10. Item 3.2.10 is added to the list of items under 3.2. To change the item, click on the item or "Endre" (Edit).

11. Click "<< Save/Go back to the Overview".

12. The change will be shown in the main overview. You can now change more items or submit your tax return for income and welfare tax.

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