Who can employers contact for more information?

NAV - to receive information on:

reporting obligations for employees hired or terminated  

Tax office - to receive information on:

  • employee’s national ID number 
  • obligation to pay employer’s contribution  
  • obligation to submit salary information  
  • own tax relationship as employer  
  • the assignment is a part of business activities  
  • contractor is registered in the VAT register 

Tax collector’s office - to receive information on:

  • duty to withhold tax 
  • calculating withholding tax deductions and employer’s contributions 
  • payment of withholding tax and employer’s contributions 
  • account number of the tax collector’s account for paying in tax etc. 

Etatenes fellesforvaltning (EFF) – to receive information on:

  • submission of an a-melding and message on salaried work in the home