Check that everything is correct.

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The Tax Administration does not know everything about you, so it is important to check that the details concerning the basis of the tax deduction card are correct.

In December, we send you information about your tax deduction card (your tax notice). Page 2 contains information about the calculation basis for your tax. See the example below.

It is important to check that the basis for the calculation is correct.


Are you unsure if the information is correct? Get hold of the documentation and check:

  • Pay: You get your payslip from your employer either on paper or electronically
  • Pension: If you are a pensioner, you need documentation from NAV or from whoever pays your pension.
  • Debts/assets: Documents from the bank showing your debts, interest on debts and any assets.

Amend your tax deduction card

Have you purchased a house and taken on a lot of debt, or changed jobs and are earning a higher salary? If so, it is a good idea to amend your tax deduction card so that your tax deductions are correct.

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