Tax return

Submission of tax return

If you have had income from employment in the previous year, you will be sent a tax return at the end of March. If you have not received it by mid-April, you need to contact the tax office. You must submit the tax return even if you have not earned more than the exemption threshold.

You do not need to send the tax return in, if, after having checked the pre-completed details, you find that it provides a correct basis for your tax assessment. If you need to make changes, you can submit them at If you are submitting a paper return to the tax office, remember to sign it. The address is given on the tax return.
There is more information about how to submit the tax return on the return itself.

Tax settlement notice

Tax which is deducted from your pay is a provisional tax payment. If too much tax has been deducted, you will be refunded when the tax settlement notice is issued. If too little has been deducted, you will have to pay the outstanding tax.

You can calculate your tax yourself. Try our tax calculation program.

Along with your tax return, you will also receive a provisional tax calculation. If you discover that you have paid too little tax, you can pay additional advance tax by 31 May of the year following the income year. You then avoid underpaid tax and interest.