ID check

Everyone who wants to work in Norway must undergo an ID check when they give notice of their move and first apply for a tax deduction card. You therefore have to present yourself at the tax office to prove your identity. Visit one of the 42 tax offices which performs ID checks within eight days of your arrival in Norway.

Guidelines for the ID check

When you visit the tax office for an ID check, you need to produce a certain amount of documentation. What kind of documentation is required depends on where you come from.

How long will you be working in Norway?

If you have a residence and work permit for six months or more, you will be registered as living in Norway and be assigned a national ID number, which you keep for life.

To give notice of your move to Norway, you must complete form RF-1401.

If you have a residence permit for less than six months, you will not be registered as resident in Norway. You must apply for a tax deduction card, and for this you will be assigned a D number (temporary ID number). In order to be assigned a D number, you must also undergo an ID check.

It is important to note that it may take 3-5 weeks to be sent a national ID number/D number and tax deduction card

National ID number/D number

The national ID number appears on the tax deduction card and is used to identify you to the authorities. With a national ID number (or D number), you can open a bank account in Norway, which your employer can pay your wages into and which the authorities can subsequently transfer money to if you have paid too much tax.
You also use the national ID number to register with a GP.