Payslips are receipts for the pay you have received and the tax that has been deducted.

If your host family is using the simplified a-melding, A04 Melding om lønnet arbeid i hjemmet, a notification of your pay and tax deduction statement is sent to the tax collector at the same time as you are paid.

You will receive a print-out of the electronic notice, or a copy of the paper notice, as a pay slip for every time you are paid. The sum of all notices/pay slips replaces an annual compilation of what is earned during the year. You must therefore keep the message(s) in order to check your tax return.

If the host family uses the ordinary a-melding, you will receive a compilation which shows how much you have earned and how much tax has been deducted during the year with the host family. You will receive the statement in January the year following the income year. It provides a basis for checking your tax return.